Crisp vision, exceptional comfort, affordable cost.

You might be surprised at how affordable contact lenses can be. Depending on how often you replace your contacts, you or your teen can enjoy the crisp vision and freedom of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses for as little as the price of a pack of gum a day - around $300 a year, often less. And if you lose a contact lens, replacing one is way less expensive than replacing a pair of eye glasses.

Start with Free* Trial Lenses

ACUVUE® Brand makes it easy to try out our contact lenses with Free* Trial Lenses. Plus, our Satisfaction Guarantee will give you a refund if you're not satisfied with your contact lenses for any reason.

*Exam and fitting fees not included.

Insights on Insurance

Many health insurance plans include vision care that covers the cost of an annual eye exam, fitting fees and contact lenses. Insurance plans vary, so call your eye care professional to talk coverage and set up an appointment. Or you can ask your employer, human resources director, or vision insurance company.



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