Why is a fresh lens a better lens?

Changing your contact lenses on time is the key to fresh, vibrant, healthy looking eyes.

So what makes a fresh lens better? Let’s talk about protein. No, not the kind you stir in your shakes-we mean the natural protein found in your tears. Over time, protein in your tear film accumulates on your contact lenses, creating a thin haze.

But protein deposits don’t just fog your vision. Eventually, the deposited proteins denature (change form), too, tricking your immune system into thinking that the buildup is something foreign. So you produce antibodies that can lead to eye irritation, itching and redness. Other parts of your tear film, like lipids and mucin, not to mention outside irritants like dust and pollen, can accumulate, as well.

Wear your contacts too long, and there’s no hiding it. Stick to your schedule, and keep your eyes-and yourself-looking bright, fresh and healthy.

Different lenses, all fresh.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
No solution, no lens cases, and no hassles-daily disposable lenses offer comfort and convenience while providing wearers with the freshest lens possible. Great for teens, allergy sufferers and people on the go.

Two-Week Contact Lenses
Refresh these lenses every two weeks, or as directed by your eye care professional, and you’ll keep your eyes happy and healthy. Many of these lenses can be worn at night too – as long as you change them after a week (seven days/six nights). Just ask your eye care professional which wear schedule is best for you.

Lenses for your lifestyle.

Finding the lens that fits your life makes fresh eyes easy.


Tips to keep you on schedule

The easiest way to maintain eye care professionals recommended schedule is to sign up for the ACUMINDER® Tool. You’ll receive free, convenient reminders to change your contact lenses, reorder lenses, even when to schedule your next eye exam.

If you’re not signed up for ACUMINDER®, here are some tips that can help keep you on schedule:

  • Always replace your lenses on the same day of the week. Many people discard their old lenses on Sunday night and start with fresh contacts on Monday morning.
  • If you get paid every two weeks, change your lenses on payday. Or use the 1st and 15th of every month.
  • Mark your calendar—paper or electronic—to remind yourself when to replace your lenses.
  • When you open up a new box of lenses, write your "fresh lens" day or date on the individual lens packages.
  • Write "Reorder" on your last box of lenses, along with the telephone number of your eye care professional.

Know when, with ACUMINDER®

Get reminders to change your lenses, buy new ones or schedule an eye exam.

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Putting in and taking out lenses

It's easy. After a few times, it'll become second nature.

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Safe wear and care

Safe wear and care

Treat your contacts right and follow your eye care professional's instructions for clear, healthier vision.