Did you know that ACUVUE® contact lens boxes can be recycled? Your reusable container and solution bottle can also be put in your recycling bin. 

The lens cup is made of recyclable material, however, recycling it may not always be possible due to its small size. Please check with your local recycling centre about their capabilities.  To recycle the cup, make sure you separate the foil first, and throw it into the trash. 

And while you generally can’t yet recycle your lenses, due to their small size; we're excited to have partnered with TerraCycle on the ACUVUE® Contact Lens recycling program in the UK. So far, we’ve recycled over 4.4 million contact lenses and cups together.

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To learn more about how to responsibly and sustainably dispose of your ACUVUE® contact lenses download this simple guide.

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